The new standard.

QR Codes are becoming ubiquitous and show no signs of going away. They represent a valuable asset to your business, providing an easy way to attract and convert users. Furthermore, QR codes can be designed to match your companys identity, brand or product.

  • Dynamic QR codes

    Easily monitor QR code scans with our dynamic QR codes

  • Customizable appearance

    Customize the appearance of both the form and the matrix

  • Custom frame & logo options

    Incorporate your unique logo and choose from different frame designs for your QR code

  • Custom Colors

    Customize colors to match your branding

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The new standard
Fully trackable down to the smallest detail.

The advantages of QR codes is their versatility to encode different types of data. Almost any form of data can be tracked effortlessly, providing you with precise insights into when and where a person scanned a QR code.

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Trackable to the dot